Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Audit

Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services (FMCS) is offering its members an in-depth, in-house energy audit called Comfort Plus Homes. This audit will determine how airtight your home is and which energy improvements make the most sense.

 The program works as follows:

  • Member contacts FMCS to schedule the energy audit.
  • FMCS auditor schedules audit with member.
  • Auditor performs audit.
  • FMCS sends audit report to member and discusses audit findings.
  • Member makes recommended energy improvements using their own money or accessing FMCS financing.
  • Member may also qualify for rebate (s) on energy efficiency improvements that are recommended and implemented following a cooperative approved Audit Assessment Rebate.
  • FMCS bills member for $50.

All members will receive 2 LED bulbs when an audit is performed.

Many of the recommended energy improvements may have a qualifying rebate.

Water Heater Rebates

Energy Star Appliance Rebates

Heating & Cooling Rebates

Lighting Rebates

Appliance Recycling Rebates



If you have questions on this, or any of our energy services programs, please us at (507) 373-6421.

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