Who's Responsible?

Who's Responsible?

Who is Responsible for What Equipment 

Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services owns, maintains, and is responsible for the following:

  • Wires from the transformer to the meter pole and the electrical connections on those wires
  • Meter pole, guy wires, ground wire and ground rod
  • The electric meter.
  • Repair of wires connecting the underground electrical transformer to the meter.
  • Locating faults that occur on wires connecting the underground electrical transformer to the electric meter and the connections.

Our members are responsible for maintaining the following:

  • The meter loop, including the meter socket.
  • Fuses and/or breaker panels, including disconnect switches.
  • Secondary service wires leaving the meter pole and connecting to other buildings/locations and the connections to those wires.
  • Location and repair of secondary service wires extending from the meter to other building and those connection.
  • Any disconnect switches, fuses, and/or breaker panels at the meter.
  • The meter socket and mounting panel.

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