Water Heater Rebates

Water Heater Rebates

Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services has developed a water heater program for its members.  Rebates apply only to water heaters installed for domestic (residential) hot water use. 

To participate in the program, members must agree to have load management installed on the water heater. Tankless water heaters are not eligible for load control or rebates.


  • Member purchases a qualifying electric water heater.
  • Submit rebate form. 
  • Member signs FMCS load management agreement.
  • Member has water heater installed & wiring for load management receiver completed by their contractor of choice and inspected. 
  • FMCS issues rebate to member.


100 gallon Marathon *

$700 Rebate
100+ gallon non-Marathon * $500 Rebate
85 gallon Marathon * $600 Rebate
80-99 gallon non-Marathon *

$400 Rebate

New Home or Gas Conversion **
80-99 Gallons, Energy Factor .88 or Greater, or 100 Gallons or Greater, Energy Factor .88 or Greater; must be controlled by cooperative's load control program.

Rebate purchase price excluding sales tax.

Heat Pump Water Heater
Energy Factor 2.00 or Greater.  Must meet Energy Star criteria. 
Load control not required

$300/Unit Rebate

Solar Storage Water Heater with Electric Back-Up
Must meet Energy Star criteria for solar water heaters. 
Electric back-up water heater must be controlled by cooperative's load control program.

$300/Unit Rebate

* Requires an EF of .88 or greater
**Rebate will not exceed current FMCS price for Marathon model of equivalent size.

Click here for the diagram of the outside wiring needed for FMCS load management. This wiring must be completed by member's electrician in order for FMCS to install the load management switch.

The load control must be installed to qualify for the rebate.


 If you have questions on this, or any of our energy services programs, please contact us at (507) 373-6421.

Check out Marathon Water Heaters at www.marathonheaters.com.


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