Energy Star Appliances Rebate

Energy Star Appliances Rebate

Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services offers its members the following rebates for these Energy Star certified appliances:

Clothes Dryer – Electric   $25 Each
Clothes Dryer – Heat Pump All heat pump clothes dryers qualify $50 Each
Clothes Washer   $25 Each
Dehumidifier   $25 Each
Dishwasher    $25 Each
Freezer  Min 10 Cu feet $25 Each
Inductive Range All inductive ranges qualify $25 Each
Refrigerator Min 10 Cu feet $25 Each 

*Recycling Rebate available for freezer, refrigerator and window air conditioners, that are in working order when recycled.  Click here for details.


If you have questions on this, or any of our energy services programs, please contact us at (507) 373-6421.

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