Team Up For Action

Team Up For Action

Why should you speak up for your cooperative? Because FMCS is YOUR cooperative and the grassroots involvement of our members is essential as we work with leaders in our state legislature and the U.S. Congress. Be involved by signing up for Team Up for Action. As a Team Up member, we’ll contact you by email when important legislative and congressional votes are imminent. As a Team Up for Action member, you will be among the first to know about emerging issues that will impact FMCS, the affordability and availability of electricity, and how your cooperative will be able to conduct its business. We’ll provide you with the information you’ll need in order to contact your elected officials and voice your opinion.

Your address will NOT be sold and you’ll receive no solicitations as a result of joining this initiative.

To join, contact Mary Nelson, Director of Cooperative Relations at 507-379-8842.


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