Power Outages

Call 1-800-734-6421

When an outage occurs, we focus on restoring service interruptions as quickly and efficiently as possible, without sacrificing safety. Our primary goal is to safely restore power to the greatest number of customer in the shortest time possible.  Unfortunately, when outages occur, we can't restore everyone's power at the same time. Damage often occurs at numerous points in the distribution system. We systematically repair in the most efficient manner, following a sequence of repairs that restores power to large groups of consumers before tackling smaller groups and individual consumers.

If your lights go out, please take the following steps to determine the cause of the problem.

  • Check the fuses or circuit breakers and replace or reset as needed. If this proves to be the cause, the problem is most likely with your own wiring and you may want to contact a licensed electrician. If our crew responds to an outage call and the trouble is with your own electric service you will be charged for a $75 service call.
  • Call your neighbor to see if their lights are out, too. If they are, then the trouble is probably somewhere outside on our lines.
  • Please report the outage by calling 1.800.734.6421 and have the following information handy: 
    • Name
    • Service Location
    • Phone Number of where you can be reached                                                                            
    • If someone in your household is on life support 

The Process of Restoring Power:

  1. The main distribution line from the substation must be fixed before anyone can have power.

  2. Next, line crews fix the lines that bring power to the greatest number of people.

  3. After larger groups of consumers are back on the line, crews fix service lines to individual homes. 

It's a good idea to shut off and unplug large appliances around your home if an outage happens, as power surges can occur and overload circuits when service is restored. For everyone's safety, please call us anytime to report a hazardous condition that may cause an outage.

Planned Outages 

We continually work to improve and maintain our electrical system and occasionally that work involves a planned outage.  We always make an effort to contact our members prior to a planned outage, via the contact information in our system or by a lineman knocking on your door.  When possible, we coordinate these outages or give advance notice to our members that fall into specific categories, whether that be if you have a home-based business, work from home, operate a day-care, etc.  Freeborn-Mower Cooperative needs to know this information ahead of time, so we can identify your account before a planned outage occurs.  If you have a home-based business that would be affected by a power outage, please complete this form so we can update your account.  

Partial Power  

If you have partial power, this may be an indication of an overload or defective appliance. Check your breakers or fuses, as they are safety devices to cut off power to an electrical circuit if it becomes dangerously overloaded or if a short circuit occurs. When you find the cause, reset the breaker or replace the fuse. It may be necessary to call an electrician.

Please keep in mind, if we dispatch a line crew to respond to your outage call and find the trouble is with your own electric service, you will be charged for a $75 service call as FMCS is not responsible for problems on the member's side of the meter.

Be Prepared 

... for power outages BEFORE they happen.

  • Know where the flashlights are kept, as well as extra batteries. Keep in mind that candles can be dangerous, so please use caution.
  • Keep important phone numbers handy in case of emergency. 
  • Keep supplies on hand such as bottled water, convenience foods, and a battery operated radio.
  • Keep cell phone charged or hard wired phone - cordless phones won't work during power outages.  (charge electronics in your vehicle if needed) 
  • Have non-perishable food that doesn't require cooking, on hand.  Make sure you have manual can opener. 
  • Have a back-up plan to maintain life-support equipment if you have it. 

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