Interconnection Information

Interconnection Information


Interconnection of Member-Owned Renewable Energy Systems
The information listed on this page is provided to help members learn more about renewable energy and guide them in interconnecting to the Cooperative's system.  There are many factors to consider when installing a renewable energy source and we encourage members to contact us when weighing options to help them make an informed choice.

A change in state law enabled electric cooperative boards of directors to assume the authority delegated to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) over cooperatives under State Statute Section 216B.164 - Cogeneration and Small Power Production.

The Board of Directors of Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services (FMCS) assumed this authority, through resolution, at its September 26, 2017, Board meeting.  At the same meeting, the Board also established rules consistent with 216B.164 for cogeneration and small power production systems interconnected to the Cooperative.   Refer to the document links from the right side of this page.

Please note that FMCS collects a Distribution Generation Grid Access Fee on new or expanded distributed generation systems (wind, solar, etc.) interconnected to the Cooperative's electric system in accordance with Minnesota Statute 261B.164.  Systems interconnected with FMCS prior to April 1, 2016, are not affected unless capacity is added.  Capacity added to any system interconnected prior to, or after, April 1, 2016 will be subject to the fee.

The access fee will be applied monthly at $2.62 per kW for each kW the facility's nameplate is above 3.5 kW to a maximum of $31.00 per month.  For example, a 5 kW system would be charged for only 1.5 kW, which equates to $3.93 per month.  The Cooperative will review the fee annually and provide notice of any changes.  This fee is not intended to discourage development of distributed generation within the FMCS service territory.  It is simply to recover costs for the system, done in a fair and equitable manner.

For further information regarding distributed generation interconnection, contact: Mike Murtaugh or Al Stadheim at 507-373-6421 or 800-734-6421.