FMCS Hosts Project GreenTouch

FMCS Hosts Project GreenTouch



Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services Participates in Project GreenTouch

Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services (FMCS) hosted Project GreenTouch at Lake Louise State Park in LeRoy, on Saturday,
May 5, 2018.

Cooperatives throughout Minnesota joined together to help spruce up the state parks through the program called Project GreenTouch. 
FMCS employees and members of the cooperative, volunteered their time to replace sign posts, plant grass & flower seed and a few
other general projects that day.   

“Helping out at Lake Louise State Park is so rewarding”, said Micki Rayman, Event Coordinator.  Around 20 volunteers worked
together to spruce up the park.  This is the seventh year FMCS has participated in Project GreenTouch. 

Project GreenTouch launched in the year 2000 in Minnesota and since then more than 9,000 people have volunteered more than
32,000 hours to beautify our state parks.  Project GreenTouch is held each year on the first Saturday in May.

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